We always want to look good and feel great especially when summer is on the way.

I used to host a health, beauty and fashion programme before so have to say I really enjoyed hosting this show because we were able to talk about all aspects of female beauty, particularly for those who are short of time in their day to day lives.

Without any doubt, I am perhaps the worst culprit when it comes to giving the lame excuse of ‘I don’t have time or if only I had the time?

This is acceptable in some cases but when it comes to a make-over or taking care of yourself it is a pathetic excuse. I once had a long discussion with a friend and I said I go home so tired that I can’t be bothered to do the whole Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise Jazz. But then she argued that it takes a total of 60 seconds to do all three and if I cannot make 60 seconds for my skin, then God help me!

When I see all these videos of girls with great hair and make-up, I always wonder how long they must have been primping and preening in front of the mirror to look so good.

Everyone wants to look flawless like Kim Kardashian or Aishwarya Rai, sadly not all of us have a team of on call make-up artists so we need to find a quick fix in the day and for evenings too.

That’s why we decided to make this show. To help, guide, advise and most importantly demonstrate how you can glamourise yourself quickly before an event without having to spend hours. A common problem for so many of our female viewers.

It is vital to ensure that your make up actually matches your skin tone — a common mistake I made as a child. The amount of childhood pictures I have where I look pale as Casper, the friendly ghost, is innumerable J.

Be sure to make full use of department stores make up counters to get a day to day look that you like. Know what suits your skin and above all find a look that you are comfortable with. Also if you meet or see someone with a look that you really like then ask them how they did it? What is the harm? One make up tip that I have to share with you after seeing a friend of mine after she went for her first ever job interview is that the latest emerald green eye-shadow is NOT a good idea! Dress for the occasion.

We demonstrated to make sure it was vital to have a good base to any look a woman goes for, we also found some great tips such as green (used) teabags are a great way to reduce those under eye bags! So now you can drink and look healthy as a result.