I have always been a massive fan of fashion. From a very young age I have always loved clothes and now have 9 wardrobes bursting with new “item numbers”, “old pieces” and some that seriously need to be thrown out.

I know fashion can be very difficult to follow and so many women want to look their best for work, at home, when out on the town or at an event. Often we don’t know what suits our body-type, skin tone and even structure, so it can be a very stressful activity to find clothes that suit us.

Being Asian, many people can be quite conservative, but may want to look trendy, which can be difficult. Bollywood actresses can often bear a LOT of skin, which in the UK and Europe cannot be very practical, considering our UK weather.

There is no doubt in my mind, like a painting, or a song, fashion also plays a main role in the fusion of different cultures and influences. Eastern and Western cultures engage in an important part in the Fashion trends of today. These two are fused in the fashion industry in many ways, the British borrowing from the Russians, India from the French, Japan from Germany, and the list continues.

In any store or designer line, you can find eastern inspired clothing like embroidered tunics, beaded necklines on dresses and shirts, jewelled handbags in Sari fabrics, reminiscing different characteristics from the East. Pashmina, for example, are now an everyday basic item for most women to wear either on a date to the movies or to a fancy formal gala.

Another essential item in women’s wardrobe today is the Kurta top, as simple as it can be it stands from the rest because of its beaded detail. The Nehru jacket, born in the 1940s and remarketed in the sixties thanks to The Beatles, is still an acclaimed collar style in shirts, coats and jackets.

The element of women wearing pants, men wearing caftans have even translated to comfort while being considered chic forms of relax-at-home fashion. Attire wrapped around the body like kimonos and robes, rich colour fabrics, even pagoda sleeves are eastern trends incorporated in western fashion.

For everyone who wants to be up to date with the latest fashion trends, here are some staple pieces that, I feel, EVERY WOMAN should have in her wardrobe:

Perfect White Tee

It doesn’t get any classier than a white t-shirt. The best styles are super soft and have a relaxed, lived-in fit. A crewneck cut is a no-brainer, but we also like a V-neck style because it’s a little sexier and the perfect canvas for layering necklaces.

Skinny Jeans

Fit and wash are everything here. Go for a slightly high-rise style to give the illusion of longer, slim legs and stick to a true blue wash that will go with everything.

A staple Handbag

For all those times when a tote bag is too big and a clutch is too small, the cross-body bag is just right. In an attention-grabbing colour, the portable handbag packs a (stylish) punch.

Leather Jacket

Go ahead and splurge for this outerwear essential. The investment will be worth it. For one, you can wear it year round, and two, leather jackets only get better with age.

Menswear-Inspired Watch

An oversized, masculine watch adds interest to pared-down pieces at the office and can double as a bracelet when layered with additional jewellery.

Nude Flats

When you need a break from your heels, a nude flat serves as the ideal substitute. Straddling the line between dressy and casual, this functional footwear style is just at home with a pair of tailored trousers as it is a floral sundress.