Sunny Dudley

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Zee Companion – Your Story

Sunny was a bright student and had always achieved good graded in the school. When he was 18 he found, himself taken over by an addiction to heroin and crack cocaine. A series of traumatic incidents, including deaths in the family, trouble at school and falling in with the wrong crowd, led to him […]

Moni Varma

Moni Varma is the founder and the Managing Director of Veetee Rice company. It is one of the largest manufacturers and rice producers. Mr. Varma never thought of doing and starting this business. He always had some different plans. When he arrived in England in early 1980’s with his wife he was more keen […]

Success Story

He always dreamt of becoming a millionaire, but never thought his fortune will be built on rice. Meet Moni Varma, who wanted to make big bucks by working in the steel industry but, by his own admission, got “distracted” by rice, which ultimately got him the title of ‘rice king’ of Britain. We will […]

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Ranjit Mathrani

Ranjit Mathrani is Chairman of MW Eat, a highly regarded London restaurant group specialising in Indian cuisine, owned and created by him and his wife Namita Panjabi. Before devoting his time to developing MW Eat, Ranjit Mathrani had a successful career as a senior official in the British government, a merchant banker, and in […]

Inspiration – Success Story

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Zohra Khaki & Ameet Jogia

First Half – Zohra Khaki

Profile: After a degree in Maths and Computer Science, Zohra qualified as a high school teacher through Teach First. She worked in the technology and telecoms sector for a number of years before reading for an MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School. Taking her expertise to the non-profit sector, she […]

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Dhiren Shah

Dhiren shah:  Dhiren was the first Asian Football coach to go mainstream, he is currently under the London youth premier league. He started and set -up his football academy business 8 years ago he himself has been involved in the football since 15 years ago. He himself started playing when he was kid and […]

Sports Football

Playing a sport is very beneficial for a child’s health and by playing every day it makes children more active. However, in today’s video game generation it might be a task for some parents to get their children involved in any kind of outdoor sport activity. But at times parents may also be worried […]