Neeraj Arya, Britto, Raman Iyer


Kabir Cafe Band

Today on ZEE Companion we will be joined by the most inspiring Band called the Kabir café, largely influenced by renowned Kabir Folk Singer Padmashri Prahladji Tippaniya, Neeraj Arya has pioneered the genre known as Kabir Rock. The band are on quest to ensure Kabir’ s verses are accessible and comprehensible through contemporary music […]

Jamie Lever and Jimmy Moses

Jamie Lever : Jamie is a stand-up comedian. She is the daughter of Indian comedian Johnny Lever. Her new show is called Comedy Dangal. Two genres of comedy. Skits, stand-ups, battles to make the audience laugh. With Bharti Singh and Anu Mallik as judges.

Jimmy Moses: Jimmy Moses is an actor, playback singer, stand-up comedian […]

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Entertainment Get Ready for the Friday’s most entertained episode. A Comical evening full of family entertainment. We will be joined by talented comedian artists from your favourite TV shows like Comedy Dangal and Bhabhiji Gharpe hain catch them live in our studio, will be joined by the super Comedians Vishwajeet Soni , Jamie lever, […]

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Sushil Rapatwar, Dr Govind Kanegaonkar and Saim Ali

Sushil Rapatwar and Dr Govind Kanegaonkar

Sushil is well known within the UK Maharashtrian community for his organisation and participation in many socio-cultural events ranging from community festival celebrations to arts and literary festivals. Maharashtra Mandal London (MML) was established in 1932 to strengthen the community of the Maharashtrian community within the UK. Sushil is […]

Ganpati Festival Special/Entertainment

As the festival season is about to start from this month with Ganpati Bappa in the very first week itself, we are bringing to you how everyone is celebrating in their own way for the fest. On the show we are going to talk about the festival- its significance, Food, how people are celebrating […]

Hard Kaur

Hard Kaur – Hard Kaur has become one of India’s leading musicians and celebrity with fans across the nation. The hip-hop genre has quickly been absorbed by India and given its own unique twist and been used in the biggest Bollywood blockbusters. Hard Kaur’s unprecedented rise to the top of the celebrity tree in […]


Get ready for Friday’s entertainment episode. Hip hop is something that is now known about by Rickshawallas through to housewives, young children through to business executives. Her ‘real’ voice and no holds barred opinions have garnered her public support and access to the masses in India. The face of Hip Hop in India, Hard […]

Navin Kundra

With six number one smash hit singles, millions of hits on YouTube, Millions of fans worldwide, and a Guinness World Record under his belt, Navin Kundra established himself as one of the strongest forces in the British Asian music industry.  A multi-talented singer, songwriter and musician, Navin shines most when he is on stage […]

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We are bringing to you the sensational British Asian singer who is also a songwriter and composer. He has been performing worldwide in Hindi, Punjabi and English and has a strong fan base of over 3 million and continuously growing. His fans loves him for his mixed variety. Brace yourself for our special guest […]